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I’m Julia. I was born in the UK but I have lived in France for the last twenty-five years, so I guess I’ve acquired the “French touch”. I love travelling whenever and wherever I can.

I initially trained as a chartered accountant (more years ago than I care to remember!), but then retrained as a teacher in 2003.

However, I have always been passionate about fashion, beauty and travelling, and have spent much of my free time researching beauty products, shopping (or at least window-shopping) for new clothes and planning my next holidays!

In September 2015, I decided to start a blog for fun and to share my passion for fashion, beauty and travel. I write about places I have visited, beauty products I love and style advice. I don’t believe in “age appropriate” dressing. I believe if you dress for your body shape and the occasion and wear what you love then you won’t go far wrong!

During my blogging journey, I realised how much dressing for your body shape and colouring can impact your confidence and that by changing how you look on the outside you also change how you feel on the inside, which then influences how you interact with others and that your clothes are not simply things to throw on in the morning but an expression of who you are and how you feel.

In 2016 I decided to take a leap into the unknown and retrained as a Personal Stylist at the prestigious Casey Paul Styling Academy in London, and I will be launching both face to face and on-line Personal Styling Services in 2018 so watch this space!

In the meantime, if, like me, you love fashion, beauty and travel then please have a look at the rest of my blog and help me to make it more informative and fun by sharing your experiences. I would love to hear all about your travels and fashion and beauty ideas, so please leave any feedback or comments you may have.

You can also follow me on Instagrampolyvore , Facebook or on bloglovin’ , if you wish to.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my page, and feel free to drop me an email if you would like to chat, suggest anything or ask any questions.

Julia xxx