best jeans for your body shape

The best jeans for your body shape

So, I realise that this post isn’t about ‘Cyber Monday’, beauty advent calendars or holiday gift ideas, which is the more obvious content for this time of year, but I have just spent an entire day trying to find the perfect jeans!

And do you know what?  Finding the best jeans for your body shape is an exhausting task! ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ is just a myth – the ‘one jean that fits’ all doesn’t exist and there is nothing more frustrating than trying on piles of jeans only to find that none of them flatter your figure or worse, buying ”the perfect pair” only to get home and find that they’ve shrunk or that your body has metamorphosised on the way home!

Also, why is that sizes vary so much between brands and that in one brand a pair of jeans literally falls down, whereas I can barely get the same size in a different brand above my knees!

I can’t do anything to help with the disparity in sizing between brands, but I can help with finding the best jeans for your body shape.

Read on for a guide about the best jeans for your body shape. If you’re unsure what your body shape is, have a look here and here is a brief recap.


best jeans for your body shape

Typically the hourglass will have a well defined (narrow) waist and the hip and bust tend to be almost the same and quite big. The pear has a fuller, curvy lower body with broad hips and the aim is to balance out the upper half.  Conversely, the apple has a fuller upper body with no defined waist and a tendency to gain weight on the stomach so any jeans should hold in the stomach area and prevent muffin tops. The rectangle has a boyish, straight up and down figure so would choose jeans that will create the illusion of curves and finally, the Inverted triangle has broad shoulders, a small waist, narrow hips and slender legs so should choose jeans that create the illusion of wider hips.

Best jeans for your body shape

Before going any further, the first decision is ‘the rise’, and it’s important to understand whether your body shape will look its best in a low-rise, medium-rise or high-rise cut. The perfect rise will instantly make you look slimmer, whereas the wrong rise can instantly create problems such as a muffin top or gaping back…. I always prefer ‘high-rise’ jeans as I find them more comfortable and flattering to my figure, but here are some key facts to help you decide which are best for you. If you’re unsure try on a few pairs, but once you find your perfect ‘rise’ then I would always look for jeans in this category, which will eliminate a lot of pointless trying on!


Low-rise jeans sit approximately 2 inches below the belly button and they are very flattering for the rectangle (‘boyish’) body shape, as they create the illusion of curves at the hips, so if you’re a tall, slender women looking to add feminine curves, a low rise jean will be your new best friend!   Similarly, low-rise jeans are great for the inverted triangle as they will balance out the hip area, although if you have a slight tummy then mid-rise will be a better option. However, they have the disadvantage of shortening your legs, and so I wouldn’t recommend them for anyone who is petite.


This is the most popular rise, and it sits just below the navel. It’s popularity is no doubt due to the fact that it is flattering for all figure types and it’s compatible with most top lengths. If you’re ‘petite’ then mid-rise will probably be the most flattering option as a too-high or too-low rise may distort your body shape. If you are an apple, or inverted triangle shape that needs tummy coverage, a mid-rise or high-rise jean will be your best option, as it will help to hold in the tummy area and prevent “muffin top” issues.


This is my preferred option and it’s particularly flattering to the hourglass and pear figures.  For the hourglass figure, a rise that hits just at (mid-rise) or above (high-rise) your natural waist will be the most flattering as it will highlight the slimmest point of your figure.  However, the perfect jean for the hourglass or pear should have a contoured waistband, ie. a waistband that is cut on a curve, not a straight line, which will help to avoid ‘waist gapping’.

If you are a pear, you should also avoid low-rise jeans as these will cut across the widest part of your body, but stick to mid-rise or high-rise jeans that have a contoured waistband. You will also find that darker fabrics are the most flattering and flared styles that balance out the hips, thighs, and rear will help to give you an overall hourglass silhouette.

So, now that we’ve looked into the issue of ‘rise’, let’s look at the myriad of different styles and which are the best jeans for your body shape, and before looking at the detail for each body type, here are a few basic tips

  • High-waisted jeans are flattering on curvy women
  • If you want to disguise a tummy (apple), then go for high-rise jeans with a built in support panel
  • To disguise a larger backside (pear), invest in some ‘shape and sculpt’ jeans, which are designed to define and lift your bum
  • Flared jeans help to elongate the legs and to make legs look extra long, team your jeans with heels
  • Cropped jeans are great for ‘petites’

Best jeans for your body shape


Skinny jeans suit all body shapes, but hourglass and pears should stick to dark washes, whilst apples, rectangles and inverted triangles can wear lighter washes, which will make their hips look fuller.


Most body shapes can also wear straight jeans, as they share characteristics with the skinny jeans. They are great for pear shapes as they balance out curvy hips and thighs. Again, hourglass and pear shapes should stick to darker colours.


Boyfriend jeans typically have a looser more relaxed fit and are particularly good  for apple and athletic shapes. To dress up boyfriend jeans, try wearing them with a blazer and heels.


This style fits snugly on the waist and flares from the calves, so is particularly good for hourglass and pear shapes. The perfect bootcut for a flattering silhouette would be mid to high rise to hold in the tummy, dark-wash for a slimmer silhouette and with a kick flare to create the illusion of curves.


For the same reason, flared jeans are especially adapted to pear and hourglass shapes as they add width to the lower leg. But they are also great for creating shape on athletic figures as they start flaring at the hips and so will create the illusion of a curvy body.  


Embroidered denim is a big trend this year and is great for athletic and apple silhouettes. However, beware of embroidered denim on the hip and butt area if you are an hourglass or pear. If you have a big rear you should stay away from flap pockets or embroidery, whereas embroidered details are perfect for giving the illusion of curves if you have a flat butt. Similarly, if you have large thighs, avoid embroidered details in this area.


Cropped jeans are best for petites, but can be worn by anyone. If you’re worried that they make your legs look too short, wear them with heels.

What do you think?  Have you found your perfect jeans? Which is your favourite style? As always, I love to have feedback, so please do leave comments and also, please ask any questions you may have too!

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Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

Julia xx

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