styling a maxi skirt

Styling a maxi skirt with Zaful

styling a maxi skirt
How to style a maxi skirt

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I am quite a fan of the ‘boho’ look (see here and here) so when Zaful  offered me the chance to review their products, I naturally gravitated towards this ‘boho’ skirt, which I paired with this red tee and black tassel earrings (also from Zaful) !  Read on for more photos, details about this outfit and tips for styling a maxi skirt.

Styling a maxi skirt with Zaful


Styling a maxi skirt



Styling a maxi skirt



Styling a maxi skirt


Styling a maxi skirt


Styling a maxi skirt


Styling a maxi skirt


This was my third experience with  Zaful  and again I was impressed by the wide range of looks available at reasonable prices. However, this skirt was my first choice as I loved the bohemian style and the Autumn colours in the print. The skirt is on sale at the moment (reduced from $45,74 to $19,99), so it’s the moment to snap up a bargain. It’s made of polyester and is very comfortable, as it has a loose drawstring waist (great for the upcoming party season and the inevitable over-eating!)

I chose to style this skirt with a simple red lace-up tee in wine red (currently $13,99), which I tucked into the skirt and belted in order to create an hourglass shape. The A-line skirt is very full, so a baggy top would not be a flattering alternative, and I wanted to choose a solid colour as a patterned top would be too overpowering given the distinctive  pattern on the skirt .

Finally, I added high-heeled leather boots from Banana Republic (last season) as well as a burgundy suede jacket from Mango (several seasons ago) to complete the look. Although I might wear a maxi skirt with flat sandals in the summer, the material is much more floaty and there is often a slit so some leg is exposed, but with a voluminous skirt such as this one, I would definitely recommend wearing a heel (unless you’re very tall!) or you can end up looking stumpy.

Styling a maxi skirt


I also fell in love with these tassel earring, and at just $5,03, they were impossible to resist!

Summary of tips for styling a maxi skirt

  • Define the waist – opt for a fitted top, and make sure you define the waist by tucking in or belting. If you’re younger (and/or in Summer), you could also opt for a crop top or knotting your top at the waist
  • “Maxi”-mise your height : Ideally, choose a cut that is either above or below your ankles. A skirt that is exactly ankle height cuts off your legs and makes you look stumpy. Other ideas when wearing maxis include wearing heels and opting for a skirt with a slit in the leg, which will create the illusion of longer legs.
  • Sweaters  : A sweater can look too bulky with a maxi skirt, so consider either tucking it in, belting it over the maxi-skirt, or front-tucking it to keep the look more streamlined
  • Jackets: I prefer a cropped jacket with a maxi skirt to avoid making the look too bulky. Here, I chose a moto-style jacket to give a more edgy look to the outfit, but a denim jacket, fitted box jacket and a short blazer would also look great (depending on the style of the maxi).


As always when buying on-line,  I would recommend paying attention to the sizing when you order. In this case, the only measurement that was important was the bust size of the tee, as the skirt waist is extensible and the A line shape ensures that the hip measurement isn’t needed. Detailed measurements are given on each item page so I would definitely recommend taking your own measurements and checking them against the site to avoid any nasty surprises! Each page also includes photos of the item, details of the material and reviews, so don’t hesitate to check this out.

At the moment Zaful have a clearance sale on (with prices starting at less than $1,99 !) and free shipping for purchases over 30$, so check out their site here! 

As I scrolled through the site, a few more items to add to my ‘boho’ look came to mind!

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I think this boat neck red-wine sweater would also look great with this maxi skirt, as would these chunky heel boots., and this cropped corduroy jacket would look great also.

I’m also in love with this paisley bohemian skirt    (which you can see with a front-tucked sweater in the image) and this plaid trench coat is also on my wishlist!


If you want some ideas of the trends for this Autumn-Winter, you can download your free e-guide here.


What do you think?  Have you ever bought anything from Zaful?  Do you like to wear maxi skirts in the Fall and do you have any styling tips to add?  As always, I love to have feedback, so please do leave comments and also, please ask any questions you may have too!


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Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

Julia xx

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