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Meghna Jewels

Meghna Jewels – Fiercely gorgeous jewelry

I am so excited to have received this fiercely gorgeous “Envy cuff” bracelet from Meghna Jewels and to share with you a 15% off discount code, valid indefinitely!

Read on for more information about Meghna, the design process, more photos and details of the code.


Meghna Jewels is the creation of Chicago based fine jewelry designer, Meghna Patel, who launched her first collection in 2011. I was delighted to collaborate with Meghna, as not only do I really love her jewelry but I also love her philosophy and design process (all her pieces are handcrafted and start with a simple sketch).

A bit about Meghna


Meghna JewelsMeghna had a corporate job for almost 10 years and after her children were born she continued to work for a few more years but then decided to stay at home.  She spent her spare time sketching and researching and initially started a fashion line, before deciding to switch to fine jewelry as she wanted to focus on creating truly unique designs.

Meghna believes that, across all cultures, jewelry is what completes any outfit and that every detail in design should be specific and deliberate.

“My pieces are the product of my imagination and things that inspire me in everyday life. I want to design jewelry that captivates womens’ heart and soul.”  – Meghna 

 The jewelry line

Meghna’s jewelry is a luxury lifestyle brand, noted for designing ‘fiercely gorgeous’,  unique fine jewelry, highlighted with signature pave arches and  handmade with precious gemstones, gold, sterling silver and diamonds.
Each piece starts with a simple sketch on a piece of paper and Meghna draws on her experiences in her life and travels for her inspiration. She then works with her team to generate a CAD rendering before a wax mold is generated, and the stones are all hand set before creating the final piece.
The brand is defined by its use of diamonds, gemstones, gold and structural silver and Meghna’s signature diamond pave arches.
Her pieces have been featured in “Gossip Girl”, as worn by Blake Lively and Kelly Rutherford, and in many publications, such as ELLE, VOGUE, OK Magazine, Brides, Life & Style, National Jeweler and many more.

The Fashion Jewelry line

Meghna Jewels

Meghna sent me this gorgeousenvy’ cuff bracelet from her fashion jewelry line. I instantly fell in love with the bright colours and the combination of fierce and wearable. It’s 18K gold plated and set with blue and yellow stones and mirrored surfaces. The border of sparkly CZ stones makes this the perfect statement piece.
Meghna Jewels
There are also some beautiful earrings in this collection, which are on my ‘Christmas wishlist’ and a ring which is on my daughter’s wishlist!

The Fine Jewelry Line

Meghna also has a fine jewelry line, if your budget is a bit higher.

This stunning Flame pendant is handcrafted from 18K Gold and Sterling Silver and set with turquoise and white diamonds.


Her two signature collections are the Bora Bora collection, which features brightly coloured precious stones and her signature diamond pave arches.  Her other collection is the Claw collection which features sharp paved arches and edgy designs.

The Bora bora collection

As its name suggests, the “Bora bora” collection is inspired by the beautiful ‘bora bora’ island in French Polynesia, and uses colourful gemstones set in an exotic design. Each piece is centred with a single gemstone as a base and accentuated with signature diamond pave arches.


The color of these gorgeous ‘Bora Bora’ earrings makes me think of the turquoise waters of the Polynesian Islands. They are made to order and are  handcrafted from 18-karat gold, sterling sliver, rose cut turquoise and diamonds.

 They would make a perfect accessory to any cocktail dress.

The Claw Collection

The Claw collection resonates with Meghna’s journey as a designer, as she started out designing jewelry with no formal background and she believes that in each of our lives, we have to let go of our fear and go after what we want to achieve in life.

“The signature pave arches signifies fierceness and letting going of fear, taking a step forward in what you believe in and pursuing your passion. Follow your own individual style, follow your dreams and follow what you believe in.” – Meghna 

These fabulous green onyx, rubies and diamonds claw earrings would be the perfect way to add some glamour to an everyday or evening look. They are made to order and are handcrafted in 18K gold and sterling silver, with white diamonds, rubies and rose cut green onyx.

Bespoke Fine Jewelry

Each of Meghna’s pieces can be customized with your choice of gemstones and diamonds – color, shape, size and cut, and you can choose from a range of metal alloys to create a unique, custom piece that fits your style and taste.

Meghna feels that the woman who would buy her jewelry pieces doesn’t necessarily follow trend but rather has her own individual style.

“Trends don’t define you, what defines you is your own individual style. Jewelry is not just an adornment; it is work of art that represents who you are.”- Meghna 


You can see all her designs here, and I have teamed up with Meghna to offer you a fantastic discount.  You can get 15% off across all the site INDEFINITELY with my code “Velvetrunway”.  Don’t forget to follow @meghnajewels on Instagram and check out the new Claw Collection & Bora Bora Collection, and be sure to sign up for the newsletter here for a chance to win a $500 Gift card.


I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would love to hear what you think of Meghna’s designs? Have you ever bought any statement pieces, and do you agree with Meghna that jewelry is more that an adornment and that it represents who you are? Please leave your comments and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

Julia xx


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  1. This jewellery looks so lovely and unique and the Bora Bora earrings are just gorgeous 🙂 It’s great to find brands like this where you know you will find something different and that will just add that extra something to an outfit 🙂 x

    1. Thank you Angelie! There is quite a wide range of prices on the site, depending on which item you pick 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard to Meghna Jewels but wow they are really beautiful. I l love reading about designers and their personal journeys, Meghna sounds awesome, determined and talented. Thanks for the discount code Julia

  3. Gosh, such a beautiful piece! I adore bold jewellery and this certainly ticks that box – looks great on you 🙂

    // xx

    1. Thank you Kenza! I know what you mean – I have to really make an effort to accessorise as it’s so easy not to bother, but I really think it can transform an outfit! 🙂

  4. The jewelry is absolutely gorgeous! I have a love for jewels and precious stones, so these designs are right up my ally! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far, beauty!


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