Boho vibes revisited with Zaful

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If you remember, I recently posted about a boho dress from Zaful (here) and received a lot of positive feedback, so when Zaful offered me the chance to review another of their products, I naturally gravitated towards another ‘boho’ dress, but this time with 3/4 length bell sleeves!  Read on for more photos and details about this boho vibes revisited midi dress from Zaful.*

 Boho Vibes revisited with Zaful*

Boho vibes revisited


Boho Vibes revisited with Zaful


Boho vibes revisited



Boho vibes revisited



Boho vibes revisited



Boho Vibes revisited



Boho vibes revisited



Boho vibes revisited



Boho vibes revisited


This week I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review this boho vibes midi dress from Zaful *

This was my second experience with  Zaful  and again I was impressed by the wide range of looks available at reasonable prices. However, this dress  was my first choice as I loved the 3/4 length bell sleeves and the bohemian style.

I was very impressed with the customer service and the rapidity of delivery, and of course, the dress itself!  The dress is made of cotton and is very comfortable. It also has a loose drawstring waist (great for the party season and the inevitable over-eating!) and I love the bell sleeves. I have actually washed this dress since taking these photos, as I managed to spill pizza on it! I just threw it in the washing machine and it came out perfectly, although I did need to iron it!

As always, I added a wide belt (although this time I chose a rich chocolate brown color) and I added suede boots from Mango  (last season) as well as a rich brown suede jacket from Jigsaw  (last season) to complete the look.

As always when buying on-line,  I would recommend paying attention to the sizing when you order. In this case, the only measurement that was important was the bust size, as the waist is extensible and the A line shape ensures that the hip measurement isn’t needed. Detailed measurements are given on each item page so I would definitely recommend taking your own measurements and checking them against the site to avoid any nasty surprises! Each page also includes photos of the item, details of the material and reviews, so don’t hesitate to check this out, and you can also find product reviews here. (Zaful’s buyers’ show)

The dress is priced at $61.99, but there is  a wide array of boho midi dresses on the site, ranging from under $10 to $61,99.  At the moment Zaful have a clearance sale on (with prices starting at less than $1 !) and free shipping for purchases over 30$, so check out their site here! If you want more information and reviews about Zaful itself, see here. You can also find Zaful on Instagram here


What do you think?  Have you ever bought anything from Zaful?  As always, I love to have feedback, so please do leave comments and if you are a blogger yourself, then please leave your URL, so I can read your posts too.

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Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

Julia xx

*The product featured in this review was gifted for review purposes. I received no compensation other than a free sample and as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

94 thoughts on “Boho vibes revisited with Zaful

    1. Yes, it’s definitely worth being careful about measurements. Although you can return items, it’s just the hassle factor!

  1. You look beautiful in blue! And I love how you’ve styled it, blue and brown make for a great colour combo. I’ve a lot of great things about Zaful, I will have to try them out.
    Hope you have a great week

    xo, Jackie

  2. Sizing is always tricky when ordering online. I tend to order things bigger and get them fitted to my body at my local seamstress. I was invited to a housewarming this weekend where the attire is Boho Chic! This dress would be perfect!

    1. Thank you Mary! It’s a good idea to order a bit bigger (rather than too small) as you can then get them fitted to your body! Thanks for the tip!

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